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An Open Letter to My Family

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Dear Mum, dad and Leah,

Firstly, I want to say that I care about you and I’d always assumed that you would be a part of my life. Sadly this is no longer the case, and I can’t see it changing, ever.

I tried to make it as clear as possible - to no effect - that I wasn’t taking a step against you by leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I disagree with their teachings, the way they enforce their beliefs, and how insulated they are from reality. That has nothing to do with how I feel about you.

Unfortunately, the doctrines you have put all your effort into believing, make you cut me off, for essentially what boils down to a disagreement in beliefs. So what? I’m still the same person I was 2 months ago, 2 years ago, 20 years ago. I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t abused you, I haven’t done anything worthy of being kicked out of the family.

It’s kind of funny that originally the JWs were so critical of the catholic practice of ex-communication, saying that it’s unbiblical (citing scriptural proof), yet now they do the same, except it’s even worse, because the JWs make it to be a complete exile from family and friends (and cite scriptural proof for it). See image:

excommunication denounced by jehovah's witnesses

It just blows me away that you’re so wrapped up in this cult you can’t see what you’re actually doing.

You abandoned your own son/brother over a disagreement in belief

You abandoned your own son/brother over a disagreement in belief

You abandoned your own son/brother over a disagreement in belief

Does that seem reasonable? As a father, I can never ever imagine doing that, no matter what!

I wasn’t angry before, even though you kept claiming it over and over. I’m angry now, I’m furious. I despise the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but only slightly more than most other religions, so don’t think your doctrines are that special or some prophecy is coming true, it’s not.

I had some good times and bad times growing up. The good times I had were despite the church, not because of it. Sure I made friends from the congregation, but I had little choice in that. Those friends I had were good while it lasted and I enjoyed the times I spent with them eating, going out, surfing, riding motorcycles and everything else. I didn’t enjoy sitting down for evenings, weekends, and other times stuck in a stuffy room listening to people drone on about a god of love who kills everyone. Is that really a surprise? Whatever, that’s not the point of this letter anyway.

I know there’s nothing I can say to change your mind, but the only thing I want to get across is this:

  • You actively cut me off, while you have said explicitly that you think it’s my fault, it isn’t. I can choose what I believe based on evidence. You choose to cut me off because of this.
  • What you’ve done is wrong, and frankly, disgusting
  • Please admit to yourself that you decided to delete me from your life because we disagree on beliefs and for no other reason, then think about that

You are still able to see, and communicate with Kai and Erik, and even Andrea. You see no problem with doing so, as long as I’m not around. It should be obvious at this point who took the step of breaking all the ties, it certainly wasn’t me or my family.

I hope you are well, you wont be reading this so it doesn’t matter anyway, but I love you.


Pro Anti-anti-everything or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Holidays

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Pro anti-anti-everything

Let’s see, what can we rail against today:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • St Patricks day (well for some reason Aussies think this is completely OK)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Festivus

(is the word “today” one of the biggest song fill words?)

I’m not going to make this a long post (famous last words).

It’s past time I posted publicly on this, it’s something that comes up every single time there’s any kind of holiday event and it’s extremely frustrating, at least to me.

no halloween here cunts, this is 'straya

This is ‘Straya cunts, we don’t celebrate that yankee crap here…

Wait…what?? Why not??

First of all, Halloween is not even a US celebration, if you took 2 seconds to do some research you’d find that outm it’s actually of Christian, Gaelic origin.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to address just a few of the common ideas about why X celebration is bad and my response to it.

Christmas/easter/etc forgets its roots

So fucking what, it’s probably not what you’re thinking anyway, Christmas is a pagan winter solstice celebration, easter is most likely a celebration of the goddess Ä’ostre. Just celebrate and enjoy with the people you want to.

These holidays are created/endorsed by big corporations

Really? So the fact they existed before these corporations doesn’t mean anything to you? You choose where you buy things from.

conspiracy alert!

Also related is…

It just promotes mindless consumerism

Several things here

  • People buying things creates jobs for other people (YOU DON’T SAY????) Even the toys that the kids love, even the candies you hand out
  • You can buy halloween/christmas/easter/festivus decorations OR you can make them yourself!
  • Giving people shit is a good way to feel nice about yourself and to make them feel appreciated

But I don’t need to do this becacuse…

I make my mother/father/partner/satan feel special every day of the year

And?? That means you can’t have another special day? Or you don’t like the idea of making another day all about them? Really?

I don’t like to see other people dressing up, having fun, smiling

That’s your problem, go inside, lock your door, and come out after the end of civilisation

it's a miracle!

P.S. NO, Coca-Cola did not invent the red/white santa claus

Noah and His Ark - a Global Flood Survival Story

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So I’m going to disect the story in the bible about the global flood. It’s been done before and by people better than me, and I’ll link to them at the end of this post.


I apologise if you’re atheist, because you’ll probably find this utterly boring and ridiculous, but you never know when you might come across someone who believes it!

This is something that I think is quite important. The reason being that anyone who is a bible literalist will believe that what is written down is an account of actual events. A lot of Christian religions’ official stance is that the flood story is factual. This provides us with an interesting situation wherein if the flood story is shown to be outrageous and impossible, then that opens the way to the rest of scripture to face that same scrutiny.

Once you realise that, it doesn’t take long for the rest of the pins to fall. Of course, it really is a futile effort because there’s always a magic get out clause…I’ll try and address it in a logical manner, but hey, you can’t fight against blind faith, no matter what.

Top 10 TV Shows That I’ve Probably Told You About 100 Times

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A fun post because I’m too tired to go into anything meaty, and I thought I should update my blog once in a while…I have a few things to write about, and to continue my story but it will have to wait till another day.

I wont give them ratings, and I wont iterate that you should watch them if you haven’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list. I’ve not really reviewed things before, which means I might not sell the show to you as well as I should, but just assume they’re better than I describe them. So without further ado, the list in all its glory:

My Story - Part 1

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thought that now might be as good a time as any to write about about my life. As you can see, it’s on my blog, it’s not going to be a bestseller and I’m doing it for me. If it so happens that you enjoy reading it, all the better!

Be warned: as far as I know there is no murder or CSI style investigations. Because I’m not drafting, editing and proofing this, it might not be as coherent or polished as it should be. Some parts will be too light on detail, and others too heavy.

Part one is going to end when I’ve written as much as I feel like tonight.

Coming to Terms

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The path that was

Oh I never had very high expectations of what would become of my life. I was taught from the moment I can remember that this life was just a transient state, “Don’t invest too much in this life, prepare for the one to come!” or “‘The Truth’ [JW speak for the JW religion] isn’t a religion, it’s a way of life.” or “Satan roves about like a roaring lion waiting to devour…” Constant quotes, pithy phrases and one-liners were thrown at me. Most of them with the outward intention of bolstering my faith but always with a more sinister message of spending even more time focusing on religion and sparing no time for other activities.

Sick of It All

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So, I originally started this post planning to cover various topics, but I think I’ll tackle them one at a time…there’s too much to cover and some research involved.

I’ve just got so upset with the amount of bad content that I see constantly posted and reposted on Facebook or elsewhere, it’s frustrating, it’s saddening, and it shows a general lack of interest in thinking. It doesn’t take long to visit a few websites such as snopes, RationalWiki or The Skeptic’s Dictionary. Really, it just takes a few moments of your time and you might be blown away by the things you find.

My Last Blog

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After many server switches, changes of countries, tecnology updates and data loss, I believe I’ve found a permanent solution thanks to GitHub Pages and Octopress so here I go again…

Welcome to the last blog I will need. Watch this space!